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Advanced electrical characterization and modeling of solar cell: capacitance technique adapted to multijunction and defect density analysis in a-Si:H/c-Si heterojunction

Les invitamos al seminario del Dr. Sylvain LE GALL el miércoles 22 de noviembre a las 11 horas, en el Auditorio del Edificio Bernardo Houssay, ubicado en Güemes 3450, Santa Fe, Argentina.



Firstly, I will give a brief description of the GeePs laboratory and my recent research works. After a brief introduction to the photovoltaic field, I will present 2 independent studies using 2 different electrical characterization techniques applied to 2 kinds of solar cells. The first one is on the analysis of defects in the passivation (i) a-Si:H layer of a-Si:H/c-Si heterojunction solar cell using planar conductance measurement and both analytical calculations and modeling [1,2]. The second one focuses on the capacitance technique adapted to multijunction solar cells [3,4]. This technique is widely used on PN junction solar cells or Schottky devices but was never studied for multijunction solar cells where several subcell were connected in series.

The idea of this talk is to show that planar conductance and capacitance combined with modeling are powerful techniques to extract some useful information about the electrical properties of solar cells.

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Sylvain LE GALL is Assistant Professor at University Paris-Saclay, Department of Physics, UFR Sciences Orsay and Researcher at the Group of Electrical Engineering of PariS (GeePs), Materials Department, Gif-sur-Yvette.